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Bamboo & Blended Yarn

The bamboo yarn is 100% made from bamboo through high-tech process. Bamboo fiber's natural anti-bacteria function differs greatly from that of chemical anti-microbial.The later often tend to cause skin allergy when added to apparel. Bamboo fiber has particular and natural functions of anti- bacteria, bacteriostasis and deodorization. Bamboo's natural anti- UV character (different from the man-made additive) is quite appreciated. Bamboo apparel dissipates body heat by 2°C and eliminates body odour as well. It is much suitable for Inner wear, Socks, T-shirts, Towels, Bath robes, Bed linen, Summer clothing, Surgical dresses and Home textiles.

  • 20s to 40s Knitting & Weaving. 100% Bamboo, Bamboo/ Cotton 50/ 50.