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S & Z Twist Yarn

"Twist" in spun yarns or ropes is labeled S-twist (for left-handed twist) and Z-twist (for right-handed twist), due to the respective left and right of the central sections of those two letters.

Spirality (Or Torque,Bias, Skew, Shear distortion) is resulting when the knitted wales (Vertical) and courses (Horizontal) are anqularly displaced from that ideal perpendicular angle. In tubular knit fabrics, the spirality is usually composed of distortion caused by the twist of yarn and the selection of correct gauge of knitting machine. Today, the best answer for spirality reduction is the use of opposite twist (i.e., S & Z ) yarn at a ratio of 1:1 alternate feeders..


  • 20 s to 40 s Knitting
  • 100% Cotton, Cotton/Lenzing Modal 50/50