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100% Linen & Blended Yarn

Linen is recognised as being the most cool and comfortable fabric for clothing in warm and hot weather. It is a natural fibre which allows the skin to breathe and gently absorbs the body's perspiration. This also makes linen the ideal women's clothing option.For those with delicate skin susceptible to irritation, or allergies to man-made fibres, then 100% natural fibre clothing is always recommended. The same applies to those who suffer from skin inflammation or "prickly heat" in warm weather. For women who are perhaps a little overweight or suffering from various feminine conditions at various times, then there is nothing more comfortable than 100% natural fibres Cotton/Linen.

  • 100% Linen Knitted Fabric
  • Linen / Supima 50/50 Knitted Fabric
  • 20 to 40s Knitting . Cotton/Linen 80/20